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The Eye Roll

4.17.2015     Adell

So, someone taught Athena how to roll her eyes. I mean she literally moves her eyes from one side to the other and then closes them for an extended amount of time!! Did I mention she is 1? Like freshly one! She literally turned 1 a little over a month ago. 

This isn't to suggest that the eye rolling is acceptable at any age, but she is 1! 

I know you are probably thinking, that I am being dramatic, and that this is probably the "new thing" she has learned as she is continually learning body functions in development. BUT NO! LOL NO NO NO! She knows what she is doing.

For example: she picked up a penny today, one of the many things she likes to put into her mouth. So I said to her, No Athena, give that to mommy. I extended my hand. Not only did she shake her head no, but she then proceeded to roll her eyes before sitting down on the ground.


I was so shocked I stared at her with my mouth wide open! Like what!?! What the heck! Who the! Why the!! WHAT!!!?!?!  After the dryness reminded me that my mouth was opened. I turned to her and said Athena give Mommy the penny. She stood back up and handed it to me.  

Now I know she doesn't know know what she is doing, but she knows lol If that makes sense. So I told her, we don't do that. And she just looked at me smiling, and said MAMAMAMA to me, that meant I understand and it won't happen again! 


Hey, a girl can hope can't she?

In the mean time, I am on a mission to find that eye-rolling teacher culprit #mommymission


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